Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Parenting Guidelines For Sex, Drugs And Alcohol - Does Your Teen Know About The Risks?

If you have been living under a rock, you will simply not be aware that up to 25% of teenage girls will be date raped before leaving high school. Here are some parenting guidelines. How on earth can you avoid talking about this? The fact is that all teenage girls need to be made aware of this and I know that there are some training courses held which can help a girl to defend herself, should that occasion ever arise. Every girl has the right to go shopping or to a party without ever having to be afraid or be at risk. At the same time, she knows how to avoid danger and defend herself in the case of attack. She knows what precautions to take and how to avoid certain situations which are fertile grounds for attacks like this. If you are a parent of a teenage boy, you need to ask him what his attitude about this is. The need for respect, the role that alcohol or drugs might play in skewing his impulses and in making decisions. He should be aware of these and knows that there is a risk and that force, violence or bullying are just not on. As regards drugs and alcohol you need to ensure that there is supervision at a party that your teen is attending. As lots of parents are just absent, it is common sense to phone ahead and ascertain just who is in charge. Here are some parenting guidelines about how to raise awareness of the dangers • Talk about stories you know of drug abuse., alcohol abuse and wrecked lives • Talk about lessons you learned as a teen when you were confronted with certain choices • Talk about mistakes you made and how they almost ruined your life or talk about friends who were actually in that situation. • Use You Tube to show them examples • Talk about safety issues, the law, risks of committing felonies and arrest • Talk about traffic accidents, ruined lives and deaths. The best thing to do is to make your teen promise that he or she is not getting into any car driven by a drunken teenager or somebody who is high on ecstasy. That is a life threatening situation and you can offer to come and get your teen if that situation should ever occur. It is an emergency and your part of the deal is not to ask questions but just to act, to save a life. These then are just a few parenting guidelines to help you deal with the sex, drugs and alcohol issues which are ever present and which your teens must be aware of. They know about them because you took time out to talk about them. Many parents never even bother! Why not click through and discover other parenting guidelines for dealing with teenage problems.

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