Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get the Most Out of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If a person approaches a problem with a negative attitude it is unlikely they will get a favorable outcome. A can do attitude goes a long way in helping someone resolve issues in their life. The very definition of addiction as a chronic disease does not set a person up to succeed in overcoming their chemical dependency. Language used this way helps an addict to fail. Individuals can achieve success with long-term drug rehab programs. Addiction is Curable A lot of self-help gurus say that if you fail it means that you aren't working hard enough; failure is to be expected on the road to success. This is sound advice, but when failure equals relapse it has a different meaning. It is a misnomer that relapse is part of the package on the road to recovery and addiction is never-ending. Taking steps backwards in order to gain new ground makes no sense for someone who is in a drug and alcohol recovery program. If a person is told they can't be cured, they probably won't be. On the other hand, telling someone addiction is curable and rehab only needs to be done once will up their chances to succeed. There's Another Approach Faith based or non-faith based long-term drug rehabs are available. It is important to know non 12-step programs have higher success rates. This is because they don't have a doctrine that tells person they have a lifelong battle and no control over their actions. A custom-made plan for treatment is employed to help the individual conquer their addiction. No drug replacement therapy is used. Addicts can be addicted to more than one substance, in addition to; if they can't get their hands on their drug of choice they are more than happy to use another that produces a similar effect. When an addict is given more drugs it takes longer for them to become sober, plus they are in essence still using as the drug of choice has been replaced by something that will do the trick. Once someone decides to become clean it is best to get them drug free immediately. They can move away from the self-medicating and begin the healing process. A person can put addiction behind them forever with this type of therapy. A person who is surrounded by others who believe this won't be at a high risk to relapse. A person gets the attention they need in individual therapy sessions which explore the ins and outs of their addiction. After this is complete they can go out and lead a full and productive life, armed with the coping mechanisms to handle whatever comes their way. They won't need a return ticket to rehab.

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