Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drug and Alcohol Rehab - Aftercare Program

Alcohol addiction is a progressive disease and the chances of addiction relapse are higher even after completing the extensive program. It is a very crucial phase that needs attention and support. It is believed that the process of recovery does not end by completing treatment at the drug and alcohol rehab center but it is only the first step of the process. It is important to provide continuous support to individuals for a healthy recovery and lifetime sobriety. For this, many treatment centers have a specialized program called the aftercare treatment, which is nothing but a beginning to the lifelong process of growth and happiness without even a single shadow of addiction. The aftercare program is as important as the addiction treatment where the individual gets to learn about various strategies and methods that can help him avoid consuming drugs and alcohol after completing the program. Although patients have completed the primary treatment that is a more sensitive treatment they need to participate in aftercare program to increase their chances of success in maintaining abstinence for a long time. The main aim of the aftercare program is to achieve complete recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The aftercare program at drug and alcohol rehab center usually comprises of weekly sessions in order to provide complete support and care to patients after graduating from the addiction treatment. The sessions include group meetings and discussion forums carried out by expert professionals from the center. The program also consists of personal and group counseling to understand what the patient needs to attain sobriety. Some of the activities used at the center include picnics, daily chores at the facility, games, events like dancing and music and creative activities to keep the individuals involved at all times. The patients also have the option to choose between the inpatient and outpatient treatment for being cured at the facility. Aftercare program can be simply described as a forum where the patients get a chance to explore the obstacles lying in their way and their chances of emerging successful in them. The facility teaches various tricks, methods and strategies to handle day to day issues and avoid any kind of craving and desires. They also receive feedback and continuing support from the drug and alcohol rehab aftercare program that can help them take every challenge in life. The people who complete the aftercare program are encouraged to attend the alumni meeting and events to always stay connected with the center and feel comfortable whenever they wish to consult. The aftercare program is the follow up of primary program. After completing the program, the client is able to function appropriately using the self-direction plan and is able to take charge of his life again. People can resist craving even after the primary program but their chances of success and sobriety increase many folds by simply participating in the aftercare facility. Besides this they also get assistance in environmental issues, such as vocational rehabilitation, finding right jobs, being insured, securing future, safe housing and reuniting with the happy family.

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